On the website the base pricing is Indonesian RP, the currency of the origin of our products being Indonesia. There is a currency option at the top right hand corner of the page for you to surf our website product collections in a different currency. But, please note that the shopping cart currency will be in the currency of the origin, Indonesian RP.

Click this link for a currency converter to assist in checking the exchange rates and amount of your total shopping cart including, tax's and shipping.  



Because of the COVID 19 situation worldwide, shipping delays are expected because of limited flights. So the time frame listed online will not match the expected arrival time, which can be up to 3weeks in some cases. We hope you understand and will turn patience into excitement to receive your new purchase from Zada Design. We hope you will receive your goods asap. 


Zada Design & Zada Bamboo will ship goods ordered as soon as the Purchasers order is received. Shipping by Local Post Nationally and Express Post Internationally. Ordered goods should be received within 5-14 working days, depending on the Purchasers destination.


Zada Design & Zada Bamboo cannot be held responsible for any Import duties, fee's or tax's which may be applied in the destination country of the Purchaser.


Zada Design & Zada Bamboo endeavour to provide exactly what is ordered and we produce all our products to the highest standards. We only accept returns if there is a fault in the garment that is of our Production teams fault or what is ordered is not received as per order and the Garment has not been worn.

Returns can only be approved by way of our Contact Us Form.
Once Management has approved the Purchasers Return Request the returned item must be received within 10-14 working days from the date of approval.

Return freight is not covered by our Company, unless special circumstances occur and are approved by Management.

If a Return is approved a credit will be paid to the Purchasers credit card or payment type once the return has been received and is as per approved return request.

We hope that our customers do not need to make any returns, we recommend you choose wisely and we will also make sure that you will receive our product in the best possible condition.


All our products and materials are sourced and produced in Indonesia.


ZADA DESIGN is a collection made from mostly hand printed fabrics, so the colours may at times vary slightly because of the hand made aspect. It is best to wash all our garments in cold water separately for the first few washes as occasionally some excess dye may appear in the water.

The main fabric we use is produced in Indonesia and is 100% Rayon fabric which is a natural fibre manufactured from natural sources such as wood pulp and agricultural products. It is very cool, light and soft on the skin. 

Other fabrics used within our collections are 100% Linen, 100% Cotton Muslin (unbleached), Rayon 90%/Lycra 10%. 

ZADA BAMBOO is a collection made from Bamboo 90%/Spandex 10% combination, the Bamboo fibres manufactured from bamboo pulp, the spandex giving the garment more stability, so that it bounces back after each wash to it's original shape after wear. It is recommended to wash it gently in cold water to extend it's life, but it has been proven that Bamboo is a very durable fibre.

Bamboo is one of the softest fabrics on the market and is known for it's more eco and low environmental impact reputation, as bamboo is fast growing and needs very little water for it's plantations. It also has the added bonus of being antibacterial and non allergy. 


We recommend that our customers follow our washing and care instructions very carefully to sustain a long lasting product and to avoid damage or shrinkage. Because we use mostly natural fibres, it is recommended to wash all our products in cold water with mild detergents, more environmentally friendly if possible, and to avoid dry cleaners, direct sunlight, and hot irons for the fabrics with a combination of spandex or lycra.