About Us

ZADA DESIGN was founded in Bali Indonesia in 2009, the founder being a New Zealand Designer who moved to Bali to explore production of their clothing collections. They then set up a company within Indonesia to produce their collections with the local factories and artisans. 

Their collections are made from mostly hand printed fabrics, so the colours may at times vary slightly because of the hand made aspect. It is best to wash all our garments in cold water separately for the first few washes as occasionally some excess dye may appear in the water.

The fabric we use is produced in Indonesia and is 100% Rayon, which is a very cool natural fibre derived from the tree pulp of plantation trees. Also being more durable than Cotton Fabrics and more sustainable in it's production.

Other fabrics used in our collections are 100% Linen, 100% cotton muslin (unbleached), Rayon 90% Lycra 10% mixture. 

ZADA BAMBOO is a collection made from Bamboo 90%/Spandex 10%, this fabric is very soft to wear and is known for its antibacterial properties. And it is more sustainable in it's production as Bamboo is very fast growing, and needs less water to sustain it's growth. 

It is recommended to wash this fabric gently in cold water to extend it's life, but it has been proven that Bamboo is more durable than Rayon and Cottons.